Data projects

Strava dashboard

Improve visualisation of running activity data in Strava | Mostly completed

Using R and Shiny

I used R and Shiny, alongside Strava's API, to improve the visualisation and access to information on my activities on Strava. It is a work in progress, but it serves the purpose I aimed for it to.

Australian electoral forecasting

Improve forecasting of Australian federal elections using polls and Bayesian inference | In progress

Using R and Shiny with Luke Heeney and Callum Shaw

I am working with Luke Heeney and Callum Shaw to improve forecasts of Australia's federal election results. The project aims to use a similar methodology to Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight house model to forecast the composition of Australia's House of Representatives. It will achieve this by combining aggregated polling data with previous electoral results to generate distributions of different outcomes.

Other projects

Indepedent research report

Getting on Board: The case for community board members in Australia’s largest companies

Previous version was published by Per Capita

This policy report proposes a fresh approach to managing large corporations’ behaviour. It suggests appointing community board members as directors of large Australian companies. Such a policy could address some of the shortcomings of existing mechanisms designed to ensure that businesses benefit society. It could also provide a unique piece of reform for an incoming progressive Australian government. It contextualises the policy problem facing Australia, outlines the need for corporate governance reform and evaluates the policy responses available. It interrogates considerations for policy makers before implementation and concludes by reflecting on the potential this policy has for vastly improving society.

Community crosswords

Learn how to make crosswords and support people staying at home during COVID-19 | Completed

With Alice Lawn (and some others)

After spending a fair amount of time doing crosswords, Alice Lawn and I learnt how to make them. To share our crosswords, we created the COVID-19 Crossword Crew. After creating an online group, we put together a collection of the crosswords which we, and other group members, created throughout the year.